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Mamas Be blessed Box

Mamas Be blessed Box

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What you can expect in one of our boxes:

- A scroll with a guide for an order of ceremony.

- A beautiful  handmade Organic Salix wood and eucalyptus head garland to crown  and honour the mama to be.

- Invitations to be sent via PDF for you to print for all your cherished women.

- Palo Santo to cleanse the space.

- Red yarn to connect all the guests to mama.

- Leather to string the beads that guests bring.

- 100% natural beeswax candle, to be lit at the start of the ceremony.

- A bottle of lavender infused oil for a foot soak/ massage, to  relax and wash away any burdens or fears associated with pregnancy or birth.



Crown - Organic Salix wood and eucalyptus crown with recycled wire

Candle - 100% natural Beeswax  9 hours burning time.

Packaging - Recyclable outer box with recycled tissue paper.


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